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"Emotion leads to action
reason leads to conclusions."

Donald Calne

An anti-fragile team needs both.

I create and facilitate training and coaching programs that combine emotional intelligence with analytical thinking through case studies and practical experiences.

Let's create transformation experiences for you and your team!


It's not about HOW, nor about WHAT, it's about WHO

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Once upon a time training was about passing on information, practicing it and developing skills. In an internet age where almost any information is a click away and we have all sorts of apps to develop our skills, that type of training has become obsolete. 

Nowadays the value of a training lies in that moment of calibration in which participants ask themselves: "Why should I learn ...?", "Who become if I learn ...?", "What impact do I create if I learn ...?".

From the programs I create and facilitate I know that each participant has (and needs) their own learning journey and the most valuable resources are the connections. Only when someone decides what transformation he wants to provoke in himself and around him starting from an information can he become active in the learning process.

What transformation do you want to create?

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If you don't ask the right questions, all the answers seem wrong


Life is worth living with gusto. If we lose our gusto, the world feels ugly, small and flat. We work tirelessly and we don't know what's getting in the way ...


As a Coach, I help my clients get moving by asking questions. They have the power to turn confusion into action and restore the gusto for a full life.


Whether we are talking about Life Coaching or Business Coaching, the process is the same: we only look to the future, we appeal to Values and Emotion and we look for solutions. Because every time the Client knows , even if he still doesn't know he knows.


Think about it.

We keep developing our minds to reach the peak of our careers. Before taking the next step, ask yourself what you want to achieve. Do you want to respect yourself more or earn more? What does your future look like after you reach your professional peak? What inner fears do you need to overcome in order to be fully satisfied with your activity or life?


The clearer you are about what you want, the easier it will be for you to get it.

And if you want me to accompany you on this journey ...

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Perceptual development

What the nuances teach us


A complicated name for a talent we are born with and lose as we grow older: how to live in the present moment.


Perceptual development helps us become present again using the information that our body gives us as a compass.


As we become more attentive with ourselves we begin to perceive nuances, opportunities, we feel more relaxed and agile. We begin to manifest more freely and no longer "judge" and "label" those around us. We even discover that there is enough space for us, for them and for our relationships.


Which then translates into harmony, satisfaction, cooperation and creativity.


If you're curious to find out more ...

I was impressed by how she used her coaching approach to understand our needs and help us unveil the unspoken ones.

Andreea's core strength as a trainer is that she works in a brilliant way with participant's emotions, creating a psychological safety environment, where people are willing to express themselves in a genuine way and to start working with their own identified challenges.

Andreea developed and strengthened an unique way to align company's, managers' and participants' development needs, so all parties benefit. The partnership with Andreea helped my company create meaningful development experiences for my colleagues so I am grateful I met her.


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